Brows & Lashes



Xtreme Lash Extensions

120 mins

Xtreme Lashes were created by a registered nurse in Houston Texas. Xtreme Lashes have become the #1 lash brand world wide. The adhesive and the lashes are medical grade products. Our product line is all about health and safety. Xtreme lash technicians have special certification to ensure your safety. Each lash extension is applied individually, 1mm away from the lash line to ensure your safety. Special attention is taken to not attach the lash extension to your skin or bottom lashes. There are 2 different kinds of adhesives that Extreme offers. One for sensitive eyes and one for less sensitive eyes. Both are formaldehyde free.

Xtreme Lashes has been featured in all the beauty magazines around the world.




Xtreme Lash Fill

75 mins

3 week fill


Xtreme Mini Lash Fill

60 mins

2 week fill


Lash Tint

20 mins




Brow Tweeze

15-25 mins

This method of eyebrow shaping is the gentlest on the skin above the eye contour. There is no pulling or tugging on the delicate skin around the eyes. 


Brow Wax

15 mins


Brow Tint

15 mins


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